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Tonight I spoke with the Medical Assistant (MA) for my rheumatologist regarding my current status related to my disease, Psoriatic Arthritis. I have had increased pain in my wrists and hands, particularly in my right index finger and thumb. I have gotten to the point in typing where I rarely use my right index finger and thumb, which is a little concerning as I do a lot of typing for work and you know, I am only 29. So, I shot him an email to tell him this. He scheduled some lab work and an ultrasound. The lab work was all good. It normally is, which I attribute to my healthy eating habits. My ultrasound however came back worse than a year and a half ago with an erosion, which means damage. Whether it is permanent or not I did not think to ask until afterwards but my guess is yes. So, being as how the meds aren't working I was given 2 choices. Start Remicade, which is a medication given through an IV about every 4-8 weeks depending of severity of disease, or stop all meds so that …