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Our Wedding! Part 2

After we were pronounced man & wife, we headed back to my parents' patio. Tyler and I soaked up the moment for literally 60 seconds before we had to move on to the next portion of the day. I knew we needed to do family photos but I wasn't sure which way to go! I ended up going back towards the side of the house with the chairs which was where most of the guests were. It was super nice to be able to say hi and hug people but I knew I was going to get stuck. I am glad though because I got to say hi to some of my family who were unable to head to the reception as well as my co-worker, Erica, who "crashed" the wedding. Due to wanting our ceremony to be small, we mostly invited only family to the ceremony. Erica lives down the street so I told her if she could swing it, I would love for her to come to the ceremony. I am so glad she got an A-day work and I got to see her! It meant a lot to me to have her attend.

From there, we headed over to do family photos. We started…

Our Wedding! Part 1

My guess is this will be a VERY long post but I am going to try to put all the details in that I remember because I want to be able to re-read this and re-live the day for years to come! This may just be done is two parts!

First off, the weather was GORGEOUS! It was in the mid-70s in the middle of October... in Idaho! After the rain from yesterday and today, I think the weather gods were smiling at us.

The day started with waking up next to my fiance. I slept alright but it really was just like the sleep before Christmas morning- I was just so excited! I got ready to head out by 7:15 am, starting the day with my mom and bridesmaids while they got their hair did. All week I have been giving letters to Tyler, which included special events since the day he proposed. It was sort of my way of documenting things like the proposal, getting the dress, and the months leading up to the big day. I wanted him to know how much I have been looking forward to becoming his wife and express how much I l…