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The Inaugural FitOne Half Marathon

Half Marathon number 2 is officially in the books! Here's the recap:

To start, let's talk about training. I ran a 10K back in July, which I had trained really well for, even though on race day the heat slowed me down quite a bit. After the race, I have just been struggling to keep running regularly. Some weeks I ran 3 times, some weeks I ran once. I think some of it had to do with the heat and not having a gym membership. Then in August I got the membership again and still, no real regular, consistent training. I think I kind of lose my mojo. It surprised me because I started off the summer so well with my 40 days of running. Oh well, there's bound to be periods in my life where fitness just gets a little wonky. I am thinking agreeing to be the interim facilitator for a program at work, essentially adding quite a bit of work to my work day, plus planning this wedding might be the culprit!

 In addition, the day of my bridal shower my psoriatic arthritis decided to flair up an…

My Bachelorette Party

Before I talk about the bachelorette party, I want to talk about the morning of the shower day. We went and got pedicures! The whole day was planned with fun activities for me and the ladies in my life and what better way to start then with pedicures (especially after a little early morning run!)!. After the pedis we had lunch at Bardenay's in Eagle, which was yummy. It was nice just to get together the 5 of us before the big events later on in the day.

Now on to recap one of the funnest girls' nights I have had in a long time! A couple of hours after the bridal shower we transitioned to the bachelorette party. I have had a couple of people ask why we did the shower and party so early and why they were on the same day. As many of you know, I have been a bridesmaid a LOT and I have picked up a couple of ideas along the way. First, being a bridesmaid or maid of honor is a LOT of work! It's expensive too and requires some sacrifice because you want everything to be just perfec…

Bridal Shower

This 3 day weekend is just what I needed! A little bit of relaxation mixed with some fun parties! I am going to recap the bridal shower first since those are the photos I have. Hopefully I will get the photos from the bachelorette party soon and can share that fun as well!

Danyel, Jessica, and Kayla hosted the shower over at Danyel's house. Danyel and Joel did such a nice job of setting everything up on the patio for us girls. We were welcomed to the party right from the start:

How adorable are those signs! And then there was the food and drink:
Shut the front door! These chocolate and peanut butter vegan cupcakes were absolutely amazing! Danyel and Kayla-thank you! And thank you Addi for making me my special cupcake!  Wine, cranberry vodka and juice for cape cods, lemonade Hummus, dairy free cream cheese dip, fruit, veggies... I was in heaven!
We all chatted and enjoyed some drinks and one another's company. I am so grateful to all of you who came or whose who were there in spirit,…