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Kitty and Me

About 6 weeks ago I took our dog, Kitty, to the vet to check up on her. Tyler and I had noticed she had begun to snore REALLY loudly and not only that, she seemed to breathe really heavy even when she wasn't doing anything. It had been quite a long time since Kitty had gone to a vet so we figured it was time.

When we took her in the first thing they did was weigh her. She weighed in at 65 lbs. Evidently the reason why she was breathing so heavy was due to her extra weight  (Side bar: I find it fascinating that in our culture the first thing the vet did was talk about the obvious- Kitty was overweight. He didn't sugar-coat, didn't offer up a pill or shake, he merely said feed her less, give her veggies, and be more active. Now, if it were me talking to a doctor, they MIGHT tell me I was overweight and recommend losing some of the extra weight if that would help me with whatever problem I was having. However, most likely they would treat the symptom-back pain? Narcotics and m…