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What have we (I) been eating?

Lately I have been trying to make my food more appealing to the eye to keep me from gobbling it down too quickly. Plus, it's fun! Tyler thinks I am a total dork for taking pictures of my food but whatever, I am pretty proud of my dorkiness :) Tyler didn't actually enjoy these foods with me but he generally will eat something similar. I do have to say that lately there has been a lot less individual cooking and he has been enjoying making creative vegan food with me. Sometimes he uses the real dairy , rather than the alternative, or will add some meat but lately, it's been non-dairy substitute and seitan or soy crumbles or something (he is still not crazy about the texture of tofu). So here are I few things I have been eating:

A typical breakfast: Ezekiel bread with 1/4 avocado and a couple of slices of cucumber or tomato with a little salt and pepper 1/2 c soy yogurt with blueberries and strawberries Coffee with 1/8 c coconut milk, 1 tsp maple syrup, and a dash of cinnamon
A t…

Need Some Inspiration?

Over the past few weeks or so I have been lacking in inspiration and have been struggling more with getting in really good workouts and seeing results, as I have metioned before. A couple of things happened this weekend to give me pause and really think about how far I have come as well as remember that I am merely human and health is not a destination but a continuous effort throughout one's life. This first thing that happened was my cousin told me that when I had mentioned that I was struggling with overeating carbs and drinking beer, that is was the first time she has really heard me say that I still find food to be a challenge sometimes. In her eyes she thought I didn't really have any struggles with staying motivated and on track because I didn't talk about it, but instead kept it buried. She said it reminded her that it's okay to eat that less-than-ideal meal or snack every so often because 90-95% of the time we are trying to do what is best for ourselves and ou…

Woe is Knee, Part 2

So it turns out I possibly have plaque in my knee causing the pain which happens from overuse. I googled what I thought the PA was describing and this sounds like this is the best "diagnosis" I have been prescribed prescription-strength Aleve as well as physical therapy. It isn't bad enough to warrant an XRAY (yay!) but bad enough that I need to rest it for a few weeks (no Famous Potato Race for me). I am super bummed I can't run but at least it isn't too serious and there is hope for a full recovery! I just hope physical therapy will help me recover quickly and prevent further injuries!

Woe is knee

I am finally coming out of denial and realizing that I have officially hurt my right knee. A little background for you: After the Barber 2 Boise 10K last October my right hip as giving me a bit of trouble. I started doing some research and discovered how important stretching is for a runner, particular post-run. I quickly started incorporating this into my routine, as well as a visit to a local running store to buy some new, awesome shoes. Within a few weeks I was doing great!
Then I did the Christmas Run in December of 2012 and this run had a SERIOUS incline about .5 mile into the race and didn't let up for 2 miles. After the incline we had to back down and by the end of that race my right knee was really starting to bug me. Luckily I was able to take some time off running and I seemed to recooperate well.
Flash forward to training for the sprint triathlon 3 months later, my knee did pretty good until I would add incline or run farther than 3 miles, which was fine because I only h…

Breaking through a plateau

I have mentioned in previous posts that my weight loss has really hit a plateau since the middle of February and now I am starting to gain a couple of pounds that don't seem to be water weight. I am not sure exactly where it is coming from so I am planning a little challenge for myself (I actually started on Tuesday, May 6th) to hopefully break through the plateau and be on my way to a lower body fat percentage and a bit more muscle definition. No, I am not planning on having a super muscular physique (not that there is anything wrong with that because I think it is awesome!) but I do want to have good muscle tone, less cellulite, and all that because let's face it, a bikini will look a lot better on me if I am able to lose a bit more of the extra fat. I figure I would log about it so I am more accountable! So here is the challenge(s):  12 week challenge (End date- July 29):
Increased activity which means moving more on a regular basis, sitting less (getting up and walking/jump…

My niece, Bella

My niece Bella is so incredibly adorable and a ton of fun to play with! Last weekend I got to meet up with my family at 10 Barrel Brewery and have lunch, which was yummy and oh so nice with the windows open in the large, open space.
Later, I had my family over to celebrate my mom's birthday from the previous weekend. Tyler grilled up some pork chops and tofu (for my parents and me) as well as some corn and asparagus. I had made some chive and garlic scalloped potatoes as well as a nice, big salad with my favorite asian dressing. Tyler and I love that dressing and it is now a favorite of my parents' as well as Dusty's girlfriend, Amber. Following dinner was some homemade dairy-free cheesecake (which was delicious!!!) and chocolate pie for my siblings. We chatted on the patio and enjoyed the lovely spring weather and the celebration of my mom coming into this world 55 years ago!
Lastly, Bella stayed the night with her Aunt Stacy and Uncle Tyler and we had a pretty good time! …