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New WW Challenge

Tomorrow a new challenge begins and I am super gung ho about it! It entails working on 5 things for 10 days to help with my weight loss. For a bonus I can add 3 more things to work on as well. If I am able to complete these 8 items for the next 10 days I can reward myself with $30. I think I am going to buy myself a new pair of pants and a top :) So here are those items:

1. 96 oz water each day
2. 5 servings fruits and vegetables
3. Work out everyday except Fri
4. Go meatless for at least 5 of the 10 days
5. Walk my dog at least 5 of those 10 days
1. No chips
2. No soda
3. No alcohol

This week I weighed in at EXACTLY the same weight as I did last week. I need something to push me past this plateau and I hope this is it. Next week I hope to reach a total loss of 25lbs and have an update with how many inches I have lost. Wish me luck!

Feelin' good!

Last weekend I went and bought myself workout clothes to celebrate losing 20lbs. I got a couple tops and a couple bottoms since Fred Meyer was having a decent sale. I haven't worn them yet because I still don't feel super comfortable in form-fitting clothes. Well after my last weigh in I am finally into a weight zone that I haven't seen in 3 years, giving me the confidence to put the clothes on!

My mom and I bought 12 sessions of kickboxing classes through Living Social and decided to give it a try this morning. I knew I would be sweating hard and want a lot of flexibility in my outfit. I put on  one of my new tops and bottoms (I didn't try on the work out clothes at the store, just bought them based on size) and I felt GOOD! Immediately I showed Tyler, who concured on how I looked, and I wanted to take a picture! And of course, wanted to show it off to my friends and family: see below!

By the way, kickboxing is so only fun and effective but it is appropriate for men too…

Tattoo progress

I got in 2 more sessions since my last post so I thought I would update you all with the most recent pictures:

Continuing to work on me

3 months into starting Weight Watchers I am down 21lbs and am 11inches slimmer! I am very proud of myself for sticking with it, especially during the holidays! I have been working out 6 days a week for about 7 weeks and am happy to say I have stopped using my inhaler! I am going to keep pushing myself to make it to my goal of being 50lbs lighter! I am hoping for April 6th but that may be a bit ambitious. The final deadline is Carey's birthday! But in all honesty, there is no deadline. This is a permanent life choice and I plan to continue keeping myself healthy and fit a priority.

Here is a before picture:
And 21 lbs lighter:

Here's to the next 29lbs!

Tucson, AZ!

New Year's weekend was spent in Tucson with Tyler's family. Tyler's mom, Cynthia is turning 60 and Tyler's grandma turned 80 so we had a lot to celebrate! Tyler and I were very fortunate to be included in the fantastic weekend and we had a wonderful time!

When we first got there we noticed it was quite a bit warmer than Boise! YAY! About 40 degrees warmer. We jumped in the van and were whisked away to a little town called Tubac near the Mexican border. Here we had lunch (which included a $0.50 shot of tequila!) and then ventured around to the little shops in the area. They had a lot of cool art including yard art and beautiful woodwork and various other trades. I bought a glass ring that was pretty awesome!

 A cool piece of art
Another cool piece of art We then went back to Tucson to take a look at the house we were staying in. Man was it an interesting place! Built in the 1850s and remodeled over time, the house was very traditional to the area meaning there roof was mad…

The Holidays!

The past month and a half has been crazy! Here is a quick run-down:

Tyler and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year for my immediate family. We deep-fried a turkey as well as baked one, made some homemade rolls, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, yams, and my parents brought the pumpkin pie and the chocolate pie! For 7 of us we had PLENTY of left overs but it was just so good! There was also plenty of wine too! After dinner my parents stuck around and played some Cranium with Tyler and me; it was a blast!

Christmas festivities
Every single weekend of December consisted of parties! The first was my work party which involved some dinner, drinks, white elephant gift exchange and some stress-free bonding time with the work friends. I had never been to a work party since I started working at St Luke's (terrible huh? It never seemed to fit my schedule!) so it was nice to finally be able to go!

The next weekend was Tyler's work Chr…